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US theme park unveils terrifying new roller coaster on top of mountain


Roller coasters aren’t for everybody. 

Due to open subsequent 12 months, Glenwood Cavern’s Adventure Park will quickly be house to a roller coaster atop of the Iron Mountain in Colorado. Which for perspective, is 1,300 toes above the Colorado River.



Designed with the courageous in thoughts, the journey will take passengers 7,132 toes above sea degree, earlier than plummeting right into a ravine at a beyond-vertical drop of 102.3 levels. 

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According to Gerstlauer Amusement Rides, the German-based firm that will likely be manufacturing the distinctive coaster, Defiance (that’s its identify) will start with a 75-foot vertical elevate hill (so empty your pockets earlier than driving). It will then momentarily gradual to a crawl at its apex for what it has dubbed a “panorama stall.” 

Colorado’s new mountain top roller coaster.

Despite the butterflies the mere thought of this journey induces, it would all be price it for the view.

“The view will be absolutely phenomenal. And the drop will take your breath away,” the theme park’s supervisor Nancy Heard told USA Today

If that’s not sufficient to offer you sweaty palms, there received’t be any over-shoulder restraints on the journey – only a lap bar maintaining passengers of their seats. 

“You’ll be suspended at the top of the mountain looking down at Glenwood Springs before you disappear into the abyss with nothing but a lap bar,” Nancy added.

We can already hear the screams.

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