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US teen with Down syndrome left out of school cheerleading team photo

A Utah lady is talking out after her sister was left out of her center school cheerleading team’s yearbook pictures.

Morgyn Arnold, who has Down syndrome, got here house from the final day of school feeling deflated and full of questions on why she wasn’t within the photo of the Shoreline Junior High school’s cheerleading team, older sister Jordyn Poll mentioned.

Morgyn, 14, was formally the team supervisor, however attended practices, discovered routines and cheered alongside her different teammates at each house recreation, her sister mentioned.

The Shoreline Junior High cheerleading team sat for 2 pictures for the yearbook.

One included Morgyn, within the center in a purple tee and an enormous grin.

She was not within the different.

Morgyn was devastated when she discovered that the yearbook included the photo that she wasn’t in and that that model had been utilized in a number of different school and promotional supplies, her sister mentioned.

The was the photo of the cheerleading team published in the Shoreline Jr High yearbook.
The was the photo of the cheerleading team revealed within the Shoreline Jr High yearbook. Credit: NBC

“Everyone knows how it feels to be excluded,” Jordyn Poll mentioned.

“It’s never a good feeling, so of course Morgyn was bummed.”

She wrote on Facebook: “It’s the SAME cheer team – SAME girls, SAME photo shoot, SAME poses, but one included all team members and one did not.”

“Unfortunately, the first one was posted on the school’s social accounts and in the school yearbook.

The photo which included Morgyn Arnold was not included on social media on in the yearbook.
The photo which included Morgyn Arnold was not included on social media on in the yearbook. Credit: NBC

“Additionally, Morgyn’s name wasn’t even mentioned as a part of the team. She wasn’t included.

“She spent hours learning dances, showing up to games, and cheering on her school and friends but was left out.

“I hope that no one ever has to experience the heartbreak that comes when the person they love comes home from school devastated and shows them that they’re not in the picture with their team.”

“I hope that no one ever has to explain why people deliberately choose to be exclusive.

One with, one without

“There were two photos: one with Morgyn and one without.

“A choice was made on which photo to submit, a choice made MULTIPLE times and a choice that excluded Morgyn EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.”

Shoreline Junior High School referred to as the photo choice a mistake.

“We are deeply saddened by the mistake that was made,” the school mentioned in an announcement on Facebook.

“We are continuing to look at what has occurred and why it occurred.

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