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Trying a Famous Chef’s Recipe for Fall French Toast — Review + Photos


This pumpkin-pecan-pie French toast is a new favorite of mine.

The pieces of pumpkin-pecan-pie French toast with maple syrup on a green and beige plate

This French toast was absolutely delicious.

Paige Bennett

Aside from a few burnt pecans, this recipe turned out great. The soft interior provided a nice textural contrast to the not-too-tough shell.


Plus the pumpkin-spice flavors strongly came through. I finally found a French-toast recipe that doesn’t taste like eggs, which I suspect is thanks to the pumpkin puree in the batter.


I loved the crunch from the cornflakes and pecans, but I think next time, I’ll try using a food processor to crush them into extra-small pieces to prevent them from burning.

I also hope I can get my hands on some butterscotch and pecan liqueurs to try this with Anderson’s butterscotch syrup, although it still tasted great with the maple variety.

The dish is also surprisingly versatile.

Since I had a lot of leftover cornflakes and pumpkin puree, I tried this recipe again, switching things up by leaving out the pecans and crushing the cornflakes in a food processor. I kept the batter the same and prepared it per the original instructions.

I served it with additional toppings — sautéed apples, crushed walnuts, whipped cream, and a sprinkle of pumpkin spice — and it was an incredibly sweet and decadent dish. I’m surprised this seasonally flavored French toast is so versatile.

I think it would also be great with flambéed bananas or even some ice cream, but regardless of the toppings, this recipe will be a staple of mine during the colder months ahead.

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