TravelGuides – ‘He’s lower than a snake’s belly’: Newmarket’s view of Matt Hancock, their embattled local MP | Matt Hancock

TravelGuides – ‘He’s lower than a snake’s stomach’: Newmarket’s view of Matt Hancock, their embattled local MP | Matt Hancock

At first, Newmarket residents say, they have been sharing jokes and memes about their beleaguered local MP Matt Hancock, whose affair along with his previous college buddy and shut aide Gina Coladangelo was sensationally splashed throughout the Sun on Friday. But inside hours, fury set in.

“It’s kicked off across WhatsApp and Facebook,” mentioned Adam Pyke, 36, who revealed a stream of indignant messages on his cellphone calling for Hancock’s to stop earlier than he had introduced his resignation.

“How can he spout off about social distancing and go on telly telling us what to do when he can’t follow the rules himself?”

Adam Pyke: ‘I hope Hancock’s wife takes him to the cleaners.’
Adam Pyke: ‘I hope Hancock’s spouse takes him to the cleaners.’

Pyke was let go from his job as a baggage handler at Stansted airport 15 months in the past, 4 weeks earlier than his first child was due. “I sent [Hancock] a letter by recorded delivery. Five hundred of us were sacked with no furlough, no support, and he couldn’t even email me back.

“I couldn’t get another job for months. I got depressed. We’ve had the roughest year but we followed the rules, and he doesn’t have to?” Pyke scoffed. “I hope his wife takes him to the cleaners.”

Hancock, 42, has been the MP for West Suffolk since 2010 and lives in a farmhouse along with his spouse Martha and their kids, aged 14, 13 and eight, in Newmarket at weekends.

On Friday he had been attributable to go to a vaccination centre arrange on the city’s Rowley Mile racecourse, however that journey was swiftly cancelled after grabs from CCTV footage of him kissing Coladangelo was printed by the Sun.

“He has absolutely no shame,” mentioned Carol Haverley, who was strolling her canines on the inexperienced alongside the racecourse on Saturday afternoon. “It’s not enough that he’s handed all those contracts and jobs to his friends and family – now we have proof he’s not even paying attention to such an important job because he’s too busy having it off with someone else’s wife.

“It’s disgusting. Everything about him is sleazy.”

In city, on the Guineas procuring centre, Hancock’s constituents have been indignant when requested what they made of their MP’s behaviour. “He’s lower than a snake’s belly,” mentioned well being and social care employee Claire O’Neill. “He’s rude, he’s inept, he’s self-serving. He managed to hang on because he’s so in with the local elite here, but he’s absolutely sickening.”

Matt Hancock’s local paper, the Eastern Daily Press.
Matt Hancock’s local paper, the Eastern Daily Press. Photograph: No Credit

O’Neill, 37, lives together with her 13-yr-previous daughter in Red Lodge, a few miles out of city, and has been staggered by what she deemed “the arrogance” of the federal government throughout the pandemic.

“It really is one rule for them and another for us,” she mentioned. “Hancock has spent 17 months preaching and lecturing the country on rules, regulations, how to have relationships and sex and then he’s going ahead and doing this? Everyone’s entitled to a private life, but when it’s encroaching on your professional standards, no chance.”

On a local Facebook group titled Newmarket Free Discussion, the story had attracted nearly 3,000 feedback. Disgust was rife, with many stating Hancock’s hypocrisy in condemning the epidemiologist Neil Ferguson, who resigned from Sage final yr after it emerged he had damaged lockdown guidelines when his girlfriend visited his house.

Stu Eric mentioned: “We’ve been cheated and lied to by this government since it was voted into power. They should all have gone a year ago.”

TravelGuides – ‘He’s lower than a snake’s stomach’: Newmarket’s view of Matt Hancock, their embattled local MP | Matt Hancock