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Travel Guides – Tom Brady is on the verge of his 4th MVP trophy because the Buccaneers are willing to pass under any circumstance

Tom Brady.AP Photo/Brynn Anderson

  • Tom Brady is set to win his fourth MVP trophy and break his own record as the oldest player to win the award in the process.

  • Brady’s potential MVP season comes not only from his brilliant play but from the Buccaneers’ game plan.

  • Turns out, if you have the greatest quarterback who has ever lived on your team, good things happen when you let him throw.

Tom Brady is once again breaking football.

At age 44, the greatest quarterback to ever play the game is still dominating, playing possibly his best football of the past decade in a career that has spanned more than two.

During Sunday’s game against the Falcons, Brady’s sharpness was on full display, completing 38 of 51 passes for 368 yards, four touchdowns, and one interception to lead the Buccaneers to a comfortable 30-17 victory.

Through three-fourths of the season, Brady is the heavy favorite to win NFL MVP for the fourth time in his career, currently sitting at +175 odds, with Bills quarterback Josh Allen next on the list, far behind him at 5/1 odds. At 44, he’d be the oldest player ever to win the award, breaking his own record.

Brady’s extended dominance has defied logic for a full five years now, but the Buccaneers’ offensive philosophy has steadily helped along this year’s leap to yet another level.

Simply put, Tampa Bay is letting Tom sling it.

Through 12 games, Brady leads the NFL in passing yards, attempts, and completions. He’s also atop the league with 34 touchdowns, four ahead of Matthew Stafford (30) in second place, and even further ahead of other potential MVP gunslingers including Justin Herbert (27), Patrick Mahomes (25), Josh Allen (25), and Aaron Rodgers (23).

The Buccaneers’ gameplan isn’t all that complicated — “Let Tom Cook” is not the work of a creative genius — but it is a reflection of the faith that they have in Brady’s health and durability to let him throw and throw and throw and throw.

The Buccaneers are averaging 43 pass attempts per game, with Kansas City the only other team in the league above 40.

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Out of 12 games this season, Brady has had at least 40 pass attempts eight times already. In his final season with the Patriots, Brady cleared 40 pass attempts just seven times all year. The year before that, Brady hit the mark just four times.

It’s an arbitrary benchmark with plenty of variables; first and foremost that the receiving group Brady has at his disposal in Tampa Bay is far superior to his supporting case through his final seasons in New England. But the uptick in attempts shows that the Buccaneers saw that Brady was being under-utilized in his last years with the Patriots and shifted their game around his to get the most out of their investment.

Further, the Buccaneers put the ball in Brady’s hands regardless of the situation, whether killing time in an easy win or pushing for a late comeback. On Sunday against the Falcons, Brady threw 51 attempts even though the Buccaneers never trailed on the day.

The Buccaneers recognize Brady’s arm and mind are still two of the most dangerous weapons in football and are doing everything they can to deploy those weapons against their opponents.

As things stand, Brady, who again is 44 years old, is leading the NFL or among the top three in nearly every passing statistic that matters and is well on his way to being named MVP once again.

For any quarterbacks currently in the NFL that want to know the secret to throwing the ball 43 times a game when they’re 44 years old, Brady has some resistance bands to sell you.

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