Travel Guides – Robber in mask pushes 6-year-old off scooter and steals it

A person shoved a boy, 6, off his e-scooter and rode off in New York City. (Family handout)

A six-yr-previous boy in Brooklyn was shoved off his brother’s e-scooter by a masked man who then rode off on it.

Police say the brazen theft occurred round 10pm on Wednesday in the Borough Park neighbourhood.

The father advised the New York Post that the e-scooter belongs to the six-yr-previous’s older brother, who has particular wants.

Neighbor Ruhul Amin advised the paper: “There is no humanity. I don’t know who would do this. He is a sick guy.’’

Police say the thief approached the boy and asked “Where is your mommy?” earlier than pushing him off the scooter.

The boy advised his sister what had occurred and their dad and mom later reported it to regulation enforcement.

A surveillance digital camera captured the boy driving the scooter earlier than the theft, and the masked man driving off on the scooter afterwards.

A person shoved a boy, 6, off his e-scooter and rode off in New York City. (Surveillance footage / household handout)

“At the police station, he was a little afraid,” the daddy advised The Post regarding his son. “We got him to say a few words.”

The father added that the boy hasn’t been to high school for the reason that incident and is terrified of driving a scooter once more.

“We are working on it,” the daddy stated. “We are going to have therapy for him, for sure. We are not going to let him fall behind.”

The dad is finding out to turn into a Rabbi and has 15 youngsters. He stated he purchased the $500 e-scooter three weeks in the past for one of many boy’s older brothers, who’s presently at summer season camp.

“When he comes back, I have to replace it,” he stated, including that he doesn’t manage to pay for to get one other one.

“I wish someone could help me … My child needs it. That’s what he uses to get around,’’ he said.

Addressing the thief, the father said he could “bring it back, no questions asked”.

“Turn the scooter back, I’m not going to press any charges,” he stated. “But if the police catch you, it’s going to be worse.”

The suspect was sporting a darkish gray shirt, gentle gray shorts and gray sneakers and is considered in his late 20s, police stated.

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