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Travel Guides – NFL quarterback Justin Fields says he only needs 3 types of gym equipment in his new home workout room

Justin Fields

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  • Chicago Bears rookie quarterback Justin Fields has a minimalist approach to his home workout room.

  • Fields told Insider he only plans to have “bands, a weight rack, and kettle bells.”

  • He’s one of many sports stars to have less workout equipment in their home than most pro athletes.

Chicago Bears rookie quarterback Justin Fields says he only plans to have three types of exercise equipment in the workout room in his new North Side Chicago home.

The 22-year-old first-round pick out of Ohio State told Insider the he only plans to have resistance bands, a dumbbell rack, and kettlebells. The only other piece he’d consider is a treadmill, and he said he’s still mulling whether or not it’s worth cramming it in.

Fields, who was drafted by the Bears with the ninth overall pick in this year’s NFL Draft, signed a four-year, $18,871,957 rookie contract in June to buy his new home. He teamed up with USAA and ESPN to offer fans an inside look at his “home base.”

Other star athletes like Tom Brady and Russell Westbrook don’t use much workout equipment either

Fields is one of many star athletes who don’t lean heavily on workout equipment.

For fellow NFL quarterback Tom Brady, resistance bands are the only workout equipment needed for a workout routine, according to a post on TB12 — the health and wellness brand co-founded by Tom Brady and his longtime body coach, Alex Guerrero.

NBA point guard Russell Westbrook doesn’t use any weights in his workout routine, and just does 25 to 50 push-ups when he wakes up, he told GQ.

Even MLB hitter Yasiel Puig, who is built like a body builder and leans more on pure strength to hit home runs, put on 26 pounds of his muscle without using any weights. He only used bodyweight workouts and a medicine ball, Dodgers strength and conditioning coach Brandon McDaniel told Men’s Journal.

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