Travel Guides – Mother was keeping her daughter company in the Champlain Towers. They’re both missing

Elena Chavez, 88, and Elena Blasser, 64, a decent-knit mom and daughter pair, had plans on Thursday, June 24. They had lengthy promised a brand new bicycle to their six-yr-outdated grandson (nice grandson for Chavez), a belated birthday current they’d been promising since April. They have been going to choose him up, convey him to lunch and take him to select his new wheels.

Both are missing since the Champlain Tower in Surfside collapsed in the early hours of Thursday morning. It’s been a “living nightmare” for Pablo Rodriguez, Elena Blasser’s son and Elena Chavez’s grandson. Elena Chavez, who lives close by by herself, was staying at her daughter’s home in the towers to maintain her company whereas Blasser’s husband was touring in Panama.

“They value family above all else,” Pablo stated, describing beloved household rituals, which included an annual household trip and Saturday lunches. He stated the two have an in depth relationship together with his son and he’s been doing his finest to not expose him to the tragedy unfolding.

Elena Blasser visiting her son Alejandro in Washington DC the week earlier than she went missing in the Champlain Tower collapse.

“Yesterday was really hard,” Pablo stated in an interview on Sunday. “Because he knows that every Saturday they come over.”

The mom/daughter pair fled Cuba throughout Castro’s revolution when Elena Blasser was solely slightly lady. They spent a number of years in New York after which moved to Puerto Rico, the place Blasser spent the majority of her upbringing. The household got here to Miami in the late ‘70s and have stayed ever since.

Pablo described his grandmother and mother as fun loving and always seeking adventure and new experiences. They both share a passion for travel that they’ve handed alongside to the remainder of the household, even to their grandson/nice grandson, who Pablo says already has his personal little suitcase, loves airports and likes to examine into flights and resorts himself.

Elena Chavez is so obsessed with journey that she made it her profession — even at 88, she nonetheless works as a journey agent. The two had have been to locations like Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand and Ukraine. They had been planning to journey to Russia earlier than the pandemic hit. Elena Chavez was planning her first put up-pandemic journey to the Czech Republic.

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“She did everything,” Pablo stated, “She still worked, she had friends, they’d go to the theater, go out to dinner, travel to Europe, go on cruises.”

Elena Blasser’s life is dedicated to training — she was an elementary and center faculty trainer, then a college counselor and a vice principal at totally different colleges all through Miami-Dade.

“My mom [is] a force of nature — very strong willed and passionate,” Pablo stated. “She was my best friend, we talked every day.”