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Travel Guides – More missing FedEx packages found dumped in another Alabama county, police say

Another pile of missing FedEx packages has been found dumped in the Alabama woods, including some stuck in trees, photos show.

The Jemison Police Department reported the find Dec. 1, about a week after around 450 packages were discovered Nov. 24 in a Blount County ravine.

Jemison is about 45 miles south of Birmingham, and just over 100 miles south of Blount County.

“The Jemison Police Department has recovered approximately 20 or more Fed Ex packages that appear to have been dumped just off the road alongside County Road 166,” the department wrote on Facebook.

Another pile of FedEx packages has been found dumped in the woods in a different part of Alabama.

Another pile of FedEx packages has been found dumped in the woods in a different part of Alabama.

“We are in the process of contacting officials with Fed Ex so that they can investigate this situation and contact their customers.”

The packages were addressed to people on nine different roads in the area, deputies said. A photo of the packages shows some were found opened.

FedEx issued a statement Dec. 1 saying it was “appalled” and will immediately “retrieve and deliver the packages to their intended recipients,” reported. The company said it was cooperating with a police investigation, the site said.

Police did not say who found the packages, or where they were located.

Investigators have also not said if there is a connection to the packages found in west Blount County last week.

The discovery comes about seven days after the Blount County Sheriff’s Office reported finding as many as 450 missing FedEx packages in a ravine, McClatchy News reported.

Blount County investigators believe one driver visited the same spot at least six times to dump packages, according to a Nov. 30 news release. FedEx security personnel have identified and questioned the driver, officials said.

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