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Travel Guides – Mark Meadows reportedly predicted ‘nobody is going to care’ about George Floyd’s killing

Mark Meadows

Mark Meadows Alex Wong/Getty Images

Former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows reportedly initially dismissed the concept George Floyd’s killing would dominate the information and generate nationwide outrage in May 2020, as an alternative pondering “nobody” would care.

That’s in accordance to a brand new excerpt published in Politico Friday from reporter Michael C. Bender’s e book Frankly, We Did Win this Election, which particulars a West Wing assembly the morning after Memorial Day in 2020. The scheduled matter was the COVID-19 pandemic, however adviser Jared Kushner, who appeared “distracted” and “aloof,” reportedly interrupted the dialogue to carry up the video beginning to unfold of Floyd’s killing by the hands of a Minneapolis police officer.

“I’m just going to stop you,” Kushner reportedly mentioned. “There is going to be one story that dominates absolutely everything for the foreseeable future. I’m already hearing from African American leaders about the death of George Floyd in Minnesota.”

But in accordance to the e book, Meadows “brushed” this off, telling Kushner, “Nobody is going to care about that.” Meadows disputes this account.

Former President Donald Trump watched the video of Floyd’s killing the next day, in accordance to the e book, and he reportedly “looked repulsed” and turned away earlier than it was completed, telling aides “this is f—ing terrible” and commenting that “these f—ing cops” can “get out of control sometimes.”

“The president showed a level of empathy for Floyd behind closed doors that he would never fully reveal in public,” Bender writes. “Had he tried, it might have helped dial down the tension. But Trump didn’t see it as part of his job to show empathy, and he worried that such a display would signal weakness to his base.”

A couple of weeks later, the e book describes, Trump would discover himself angrily complaining that he is “done all this stuff for the Blacks” however “they all f—ing hate me, and none of them are going to vote for me.”

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