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Travel Guides – Here’s how to make Donald Trump go away, Christian group not following ‘Golden Rule’

Local Christian group disobeys ‘The Golden Rule’

As I read the Nov. 29 article, “Christian policy group expands reach,” I was deeply saddened.

More: Center for Christian Virtue, a heavy hitter in Ohio’s culture wars, buys building across from Statehouse

These people, these militant people, these fear-filled people, in the name of Jesus are committed to destroying our public school system, making the taxpayer pay for their children’s religious training, making life more painful for many who are already hurting, by blocking them from employment, housing and freedom to love whom they like.


Aaron Baer stands in the lobby of Center For Christian Virtue new building. He said long-term plans for the building include having a coffee shop in this first-floor space.

I’ve been looking for that Bible verse that orders: “When you can’t persuade the masses to do as you think I said, get into politics and force everyone to do as you say I said.”

Even The Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you,” knocks down everything this dictatorial group of “Christians” say they support.

Charles W. Hill, Reynoldsburg (pastor, United Methodist church)


Focus on Biden and maybe Trump will go away

I totally agree with William Derrough’s Nov. 27 column, “Perhaps it’s time to give Biden his due.”

More: Opinion: It’s time to give Joe Biden his due

Along those same lines, isn’t it about time for the media to stop running endless articles about Trump?

Instead of talking about Trump and giving him the coverage he craves, why not talk about Biden?


The media just doesn’t seem to be able to quit Trump, and the coverage is fueling all the Trump crazies. Let’s make him irrelevant.

Try going one full week without mentioning him in the news and maybe he will slink away, back under a rock where he belongs.

Pam Lytle, Bexley

Biden needs to plug leaks

If the guy currently leading our country wants to look at the immigration crisis on our southern border, maybe he should look at it like a water leak in your house. First, you have to shut off the water so you don’t ruin your home. After that, you can then determine what the problems are … it’s pretty simple really.

Story continues

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Stan Fulk, Dublin



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Council members elected by ward more personally invested in voters

Congratulations on the informative article on the Little Turtle road and real estate controversy (Nov. 27, “Group: Road done for developer, not safety“). This is probably the best argument I have heard for electing Columbus City Council members by wards rather than “at large.”

More: Little Turtle lawsuit contends city roadwork not about safety, but a developer’s project

If there had been a council member with a personal stake in the voters in Little Turtle, they would have had a point of contact earlier in the process. If a council member representing their ward was unresponsive, the voters would have had an opportunity to effectively express their displeasure.

Instead, an entirely at-large city council seems to have totally ignored the wishes of the residents most affected by Columbus government’s decisions. This is possible because Little Turtle’s roadway and real estate are largely invisible to voters in the rest of the city.

Dennis McCarthy, Columbus

This article originally appeared on The Columbus Dispatch: Letters: Here’s how to make Trump go away, Christian group not following ‘Golden Rule’

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