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Travel Guides – Editorial cartoon offensive to many independent Christians

There may be no way to number the pictures of Jesus extant in the world today, but you can add one more to their ranks — a computer-generated “photo fit” image of Christ as a boy, courtesy of Italy’s police. Verena J Matthew, © (courtesy)

Editorial cartoon offensive to many independent Christians

The Nov. 7 editorial cartoon by Andy Marlette was offensive to me and many independent Christians. To indicate that the Republicans are Christ’s party of choice, waiting for his return is a slap in the face to true Christian believers. The Republican platform is anything but Christ-like.

Christ was compassionate, ministered to the poor and homeless, fed them and nurtured them. Does that really sound like our recent Republican leaders who are and have been in power? Unless you have been living in a cave or brainwashed you may think that. As an independent Christian, I know the Republican Party is anything but Christ-like and definitely not ready for Christ’s return.


Finally, Christ’s question in this cartoon: “Sure, but why are they chanting ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’?” This is supposed to cover up a vulgarity against our President Joe Biden who deserves our respect, prayers and support.

When Donald Trump was president, I prayed daily that he would someday have compassion and lead our country with intelligence. This rallying cry that the Republicans have adopted should be translated: “Let’s Go, Satan!”

Sorry folks, I will follow Christ and stay independent. “Let’s Go, Christ!”

Leon Rumohr, Lakeland


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This article originally appeared on The Ledger: Voice of the people: Editorial cartoon offensive to many independent Christians


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