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Commissioner raises

I learn with dismay that our Ada County commissioners need to increase their salaries (Idaho Statesman, 6/27/2021). The commissioners are at present making $117,556 yearly, however need to vote in a pay increase of $122,000. This is greater than double the median family revenue for Idaho. And that isn’t all. Commissioners apparently don’t even work full-time. They wish to take off on Fridays for 3 day weekends. And it will get worse: one commissioner, Ryan Davidson, desires to lift commissioners salaries even larger, to $127,000 yearly.

Gosh, signal me up; I positive need to work a 4-day work week for $117,556 a 12 months after which vote in a pleasant pay increase for myself. I wager they get full advantages, too. Talk about bellying as much as the general public trough.

Meg Fereday, Boise

Students’ voices

It was a pleasure to learn the reactions of Idaho college students to the Education Indoctrination Task Force (Becca Savransky, 6-24-21, Idaho Statesman). Students and educators, those most affected by the end result of those deliberations, deserve a powerful voice within the course of. The college students apparently have none, and educators, little if any. The Task Force is chaired by two “bulwarks” of Idaho training, Janice McGeachin and Priscilla Giddings. McGeachin’s counsel is Donald Trump, one other knowledgeable on Idaho’s faculties. The cost of this committee stays unclear, nevertheless it has one thing to do with indoctrination by a essential race concept, an idea which is undefined by the committee. However, no matter it’s, it’s propagated by educators who’re influenced by communists and Nazis, or heaven forbid, liberals or socialists. To topic Idaho’s academic establishments to additional harassment, following a distasteful legislative show of ineptness, is absolute folly. Congratulations to the scholars, who refuse to tolerate such nonsense. Idaho voters ought to do the identical, within the forthcoming elections.

Thomas G. Hallam, Sr., Garden City

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Property taxes

During a quick encounter just lately with the native TV station, the Ada County Clerk talked about some stretches of data.

The clerk acknowledged that the state Legislature didn’t do a lot for property tax aid within the 2021 session (blaming them for the upper property taxes imposed by the assorted taxing authorities) and that the Ada County commissioners are wanting to scale back property taxes a smidgen.

Each taxing authority, be it cities, counties and/or particular districts units the quantity of property taxes receivables they need for his or her budgets. Meaning, these taxing authorities would not have to take the “max” quantity annually. They have flexibility and so they decide the quantity of property tax to be collected.

Two of the Ada County commissioners are up for election in 2022, So once they say they need to scale back property tax, that is pure political theater for his or her re-election. Ada County via the years, may have and will have lowered property taxes — annually. They didn’t. In truth, they’ve even gone again to earlier tax years to invoke extra taxes. Property tax must be not more than the yearly inflation fee. Reaping the money cow at taxpayers’ expense is simply ethically incorrect!

Galen Kidd, Boise

Restore Snake River

“The birds of the heavens and the fish of the sea, Whatever passes through the paths of the seas.” – Psalm 8:8. In my household, we consider that God created all the things that’s stunning in regards to the world. He put water within the rivers and oceans and He planted the forests that line their banks. He created the orcas to swim within the oceans and the eagles to fly within the sky. And then He created the salmon to attach all of these items. They swam within the waters. They fed the orcas and the eagles. And their carcasses fertilized the forests. God created the folks, too, however we forsake him, killing his creations. Why did we construct the 4 Lower Snake River dams? Why are we so proof against eradicating them when they are often changed with cheaper power and transportation. I’m going into my sophomore 12 months at Capital High School, and I’m a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on the Riverglen Ward. I’m calling on Sen. Mike Crapo to interact with U.S. Rep. Mike Simpson on the Columbia Basin Initiative. It’s time to revive the Snake River to how God created it.

Molly Richins, Garden City