Travel Guides – Bravo’s Captain Sandy recounts heart attack, urges others to ‘learn the signs’

Anyone who’s watched only a few minutes of “Below Deck Mediterranean” is aware of engaged on a mega yacht comes with its share of annoying, and generally life-or-loss of life, moments, however for Captain Sandy Yawn, certainly one of the scariest moments of her life occurred just a few years in the past in a spin class.

At the time, Yawn was 49 years outdated and nearing her fiftieth birthday when she began experiencing what she realized have been symptoms of a heart attack throughout a SoulCycle class.

“I felt like I couldn’t swallow, and then I felt like, ‘This isn’t normal,’ and I noticed my heart rate wasn’t going down — it was going up,” she mentioned in an interview with TODAY.

While many understand chest ache is an indication of a heart assault, there are other common symptoms, like modifications in the way you’re ready to train, that girls ought to pay attention to.

“I kept saying, ‘I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die.'”

Yawn mentioned she solely knew the signs she was having have been indicative of a heart assault as a result of she heard certainly one of her pals, who’s a heart specialist, discuss them.

In an effort not to disturb the spin class, Yawn waited and slipped out of the room when the class ended. She known as an Uber to take her to the hospital as her left arm began to go numb.

What she desires girls to learn about heart well being

Yawn mentioned certainly one of the issues she realized from listening to her good friend converse was what to say after arriving at the hospital, since she mentioned panic attacks might be confused for heart assaults.

“You walk up, and you say, ‘I’m having a heart attack. I need an EKG now,'” she mentioned.

Yawn realized she had skilled spontaneous coronary artery dissection, which is an unprompted tear in a coronary artery wall. SCAD is uncommon, however could also be extra widespread amongst postpartum girls. Patients have a tendency to be in any other case wholesome, continuously with no threat components for heart illness, the American Heart Association notes.

“I kept saying, ‘I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die,’ and I’ll never forget, you’re supposed to have instant relief if they put a stent in, but they couldn’t put a stent in because I had a tear. So I didn’t have instant relief. I was in pain. I stayed in the hospital four days,” Yawn remembered.

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She later realized she had high blood pressure, which she known as “a silent killer for women,” and had additionally began taking Adderall two weeks earlier to assist her focus. She mentioned these components mixed with “extreme exercise” led to her heart assault.

“Learn the signs. Learn your numbers, your blood pressure. Learn those numbers, and do the self-checks. And if you have a feeling … and it doesn’t feel right, it’s off, listen to that, and just go to the hospital,” Yawn mentioned, earlier than including 1 in 3 women die every year of heart disease.

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The Bravo star mentioned each her dad and mom, who have been people who smoke, died of heart assaults. Yawn, now 56, mentioned she has all the time adopted a nutritious diet. “I eat more oatmeal — anything with a heart on it, I eat it, you know, in the store. If it says ‘heart health,’ I believe it. … I eat like that. I don’t have high cholesterol, I don’t have any blockage in my veins at all.”

Yawn added she additionally would not have heart illness and that her “heart is great.”

While on board throughout constitution season, she finds time between her captain duties to squeeze in exercises.

In addition to lots of strolling, significantly up and down stairs, she mentioned she has an train ball in her room, the place she may even do pushups and situps.

“Honestly, you’re exhausted at the end of the day,” she mentioned. “It is not easy to exercise. A lot of these boats have gyms, if you have the energy to go in one, and swimming — jumping in the water and doing a lap. If it’s just 30 minutes a day, I’ll do it. I do it in my room, or I go swim.”

A brand new season brings a brand new crew — and new drama

“Below Deck Mediterranean” is kicking off its sixth season Monday night time, and this yr, followers can watch the episodes a week early on Peacock.

The first episode is stuffed with drama with the chef which requires the whole crew to step up in a brand new approach as the season’s first constitution friends board the boat.

Below Deck Mediterranean – Season 6 (Laurent Basset / Bravo)

“We’re always in crisis mode. … I loved how the people came together, and I didn’t have to ask them — they just helped. … I love witnessing that,” Yawn mentioned.

Without giving freely what occurred, Yawn mentioned the aftermath ensuing from the drawback the chef had throughout that first constitution “was terrible.”

“The client wasn’t happy, rightfully so, but we managed. And, you know, it worked out.”

What Yawn loves most about her job is assembly “so many incredible people,” together with her crew members who hail from throughout the world, and studying about their cultures. She additionally appreciates when somebody actually desires to make the maritime trade their profession.

As followers know, that is the first season with out chief stewardess Hannah Ferrier. New chief stew Katie Flood hits the floor operating.

“One of the things that I really liked about Katie is she was stepping right off a boat onto another boat — so she was full charter boat mentality,” Yawn mentioned. “And witnessing her, how she handled the first charter for me was like, ‘Oh wow, she’s actually a really good chief stew.’ She does a good job, she’s a great bartender.”

Below Deck Mediterranean - Season 6 (Laurent Basset / Bravo)

Below Deck Mediterranean – Season 6 (Laurent Basset / Bravo)

“Hannah was done,” she added. “She wanted a baby. She’s living her dream now.”

One acquainted face returning for one more season is bosun Malia White, who has a confrontation with Yawn in the teaser for the new season.

Yawn described White as “great” and “awesome,” and mentioned, “She’s on that ladder, and she’s getting there,” however added issues can occur that lead to a conflict.

“Sometimes, you do things that piss the captain off, and she pissed me off. So I lose my temper. I’m a human being, and I think people forget that we too have limitations, and we too get angry. And she really made me angry,” Yawn mentioned.

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If Yawn ever had the probability to seem on one other Bravo present, and she or he famous her loyalty very clearly lies with “Below Deck Med,” she’d select a franchise recognized for a special sort of customer support.

“I gotta work, you know, so I’d want to be sales, I guess — ‘Million Dollar Listing.'”

“Below Deck Mediterranean” airs Mondays on Bravo at 9 p.m., or stream the episodes one week early with Peacock Premium.

Bravo and Peacock are a part of TODAY’s dad or mum firm, NBCUniversal.