Travel Guides – ‘A punch in the gut’

Van Jones Brian Ach/Getty Images for TIME

CNN commentator Van Jones is “very” upset over the jail sentence Derek Chauvin obtained for the muder of George Floyd.

A decide sentenced Chauvin, a former Minneapolis police officer, to 22.5 years in jail Friday after he was convicted of murdering Floyd, although according to The Associated Press, with good habits, Chauvin “could be paroled after serving two-thirds of his sentence, or about 15 years.” Jones expressed disappointment on CNN over the sentence and argued it was too gentle.

“Very disappointing,” Jones stated. “15 years? I know people doing 15 years for nothing, I mean, for victimless crimes of drug possession. … What this man did, there should have been the maximum of the maximum.”

Jones added that whereas he did not suppose the sentence would spark “outrage,” he argued it was nonetheless a “punch in the gut” as a result of “this guy’s life was worth more than 15 years,” and he hoped the sentence would ship a message to legislation enforcement that “you can’t do this type of stuff [or] you’re never going to come back home.”

CNN senior authorized analyst Elie Honig agreed that whereas the sentence was “serious,” he felt it was “light” and that Chauvin ought to have obtained extra time. CNN authorized analyst Jennifer Rogers identified that the sentence itself was not 15 years however 22.5 years, however she added, “I do think that it was light like you all do.”

But Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison stated Friday that the sentence was “one of the longest a former police officer has ever received” to be used of lethal drive, including that that is “not justice, but it is another moment of real accountability on the road to justice,” per CBS. President Biden additionally said Friday that the sentence appeared “to be appropriate.”

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