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TikTok shows coral nursery that looks like underwater town

A creepy scene of tables, chairs and antennas mysteriously positioned on the ocean flooring in the midst of the ocean has despatched conspiracy theorists wild.

The jaw-dropping discovery was shared to TikTok channel Secrets on Google Earth over the weekend and left 1000’s of individuals bamboozled on the eerie sight.

Man-made buildings that appeared like they could possibly be a part of a makeshift underwater town had been proven within the video, which has been considered virtually 5 million occasions in simply three days.

Items that appeared like tables, chairs and antennas had been found underwater. Picture: Google Maps

The deserted gadgets had been positioned in Gulf of Mexico waters off the coast of Florida, close to a spot referred to as Snapper Ledge Reef.

More than 10,000 individuals shared theories speculating what the peculiar objects had been doing in such an sudden location.

“They are Wi-Fi antennas for the fish,” one wrote in a remark, with others arguing the spot could possibly be the ultimate resting place for mystical creatures.

“Nothing to see here, just a mermaid cemetery. Carry on,” somebody, who obtained 17,000 likes, wrote.

“That’s where they film SpongeBob,” one other joked.

Others identified how scarily comparable the objects appeared to above-water buildings.

“Those look like power line poles under water,” one individual mentioned.

Some urged the creator of the video to not unearth such suspicious issues, suggesting there was a sinister motive such locations had been stored hidden.

“Hey, let what’s in the ocean, stay in the ocean,” they wrote.

Items that looked like tables, chairs and antennas were discovered underwater. Picture: TikTok/

These items had a putting similarity to tables and chairs. Picture: Google Maps

Many accurately guessed the true objective of the town-like underwater scene – it serves as a coral nursery serving to to regenerate ocean plants from coral bleaching.

Snapper Ledge is a small coral reef throughout the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary which is house to the Florida Reef, the one barrier coral reef in North America and third largest on the planet.

Like on the Great Barrier Reef, off the coast of Queensland, coral has suffered as a result of excessive ocean water temperatures and elevated UV radiation.

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