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Synthony Sydney: A magnificent marriage of dance music anthems, orchestra and lasers


‘Synthony’ is more than just a good pun.

It’s the ultimate musical crossover – the world’s biggest dance anthems brought to new life by a renowned symphony orchestra.


And now, the arena spectacular is heading to Sydney – for a post-lockdown musical celebration unlike any other.


The show was born in New Zealand, and consistently sells out massive rooms. That success carried across the ditch, starting in 2019, in Brisbane and down the east coast.

‘Synthony’ will showcase the biggest dance anthems from icons such as: Avicii, Eric Prydz, Fatboy Slim, Fisher and Faithless.

The popular show will be backed with the full might of the 60+ piece Metropolitan Orchestra in Sydney, along with star Conductor: Sarah-Grace Williams.

Sarah-Grace Williams is leading the charge at Synthony.
Sarah-Grace Williams is leading the charge at Synthony. Credit: Supplied

Sarah-Grace is a musical force to be reckoned with. And a very accomplished one at that.

A Churchill Fellow, Sarah-Grace Williams is the Founding Artistic Director & Chief Conductor of The Metropolitan Orchestra.

Over the past decade, Sarah-Grace has conducted more than 500 performances and has collaborated with serious performers such as José Carreras, Elaine Paige, Jack Liebeck, Teddy Tahu Rhodes, Lisa Gasteen and Anthony Warlow.

But the superstar conductor told that the ‘Synthony’ shows are some of the most fun she’s ever had. The musicians aren’t the only ones playing their hearts out on stage.

Sarah-Grace in her element.
Sarah-Grace in her element. Credit: Supplied

“I can really go to town with my performance as a conductor. There’s a bit of showmanship up there, for sure.”

And that will be needed. The music is a reimagining of classic dance anthems – but performed by serious musicians. It’s a marriage that Sarah-Grace says is perfect.

“I love all music. I love all kinds of music. When I choose to listen to music, I listen to all different sorts.

“So I love the fact that when I’m creating music, I can create within all those different realms and they’re all different and they’re all equally as exciting, all in a different way.”

Synthony is a live show unlike any other.
Synthony is a live show unlike any other. Credit: Supplied

Sarah-Grace says her philosophy, especially with these ‘Synthony’ concerts, is to break down barriers people may have when thinking about orchestral music.

“I want to stop people thinking ‘I don’t know the rules about going into an orchestra. I don’t know when to clap, so I don’t think I should go’.

“It’s always been a pet hate about our world of mine for a long time.

“Any way we can go about breaking down barriers and say, look, if you like music, come along to an orchestral concert and you’re going to love it.”

There is no better way to appreciate dance music than with The Metropolitan Orchestra.
There is no better way to appreciate dance music than with The Metropolitan Orchestra. Credit: Supplied

But Sarah-Grace is quick to point out that the ‘Synthony’ show is about much more than a star conductor.

“The magic of ‘Synthony’ is it’s about the show, the collective.

“It’s so different to those kinds of shows where you’d go for the headliner or the headline acts, or, you know, you’re not going for that particular person. You go, oh, cool. That particular person’s here, but that’s not what draws you to the show. It’s the actual ‘Synthony’ itself.

The ultimate concert performance to celebrate post-lockdown - Synthony.
The ultimate concert performance to celebrate post-lockdown – Synthony. Credit: Supplied

“It is so, so perfectly put together.”

Joining Sarah-Grace and The Metropolitan Orchestra in Sydney are some massive names in Australian dance music.

The voice of Sneaky Sound System – Miss Connie, Ilan from The Potbelleez, Emily Williams, Greg Gould, Mobin Master, Andy Van (Madison Avenue / Super Disco Club) and many more.

Do not miss Synthony Sydney.
Do not miss Synthony Sydney. Credit: Supplied

The show is unlike anything else and not to be missed,

Orchestral music for a whole new audience. Nothing wrong with that.

For more information – head here.

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