Richard Wilkins: ‘The older I get, the more I think about my health’

Richard Wilkins doesn’t go in a lot for stylish recommendation in relation to well being and health.

The TV and radio host tried yoga a couple of times, however discovered his broad, 190cm body left him lumbering round “like Shrek”, and together with his common 4am begins for his function on the Today present, good sleep hygiene was out of the query, too.

But there’s one magic potion he’s found as he’s gotten older — and it’s not some uncommon ointment or costly celebrity-only pores and skin remedy. In reality, it’s one thing we will all faucet into, fairly actually, each single day.

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Camera IconRichard Wilkins pays more consideration to his well being as he will get older. Tim Pascoe Credit: News Corp Australia

“Drink as much water as you possibly can,” he says.

“We constantly need to flush out the system.

“I did go to a nutritionist a while back, at considerable expense, as I was feeling a little bloated and thought I might have had an allergy or intolerance. They offered to make me a nutrition plan for another hefty fee but I said I think I can take care of that myself.

“Eat healthy, exercise more, drink less alcohol, and Bob’s your uncle.”

Having spent the early days of his profession as a pop star, earlier than swapping to a distinct type of microphone to report on celebrities throughout radio and TV, he’s seen more crimson carpets, backstage passes and after events — and all the extra that goes together with them.

But as he will get older, he says his well being has taken centre stage as a result of no person stays bulletproof eternally.

“When you’re young, tall and bulletproof, you don’t think that anything can take you down, but just this year I’ve been to three or four funerals for people my age, which is very sobering and a wake-up call if there ever was one,” he says.

“Health is a bit like superannuation — the older you get, the more you think about it.”


Early begins

“No two days of my life have ever been the same, every day is different, however I do like some routine. Doing the Today show requires a 4.20am alarm, followed by two five-minute snoozes, to get out of bed at 4.30am and attack the day. Then it’s off to work, and after that anything can happen.”

Avoiding yoga

“I have only ever done two yoga classes in my entire life, which would have been a sight for the other guests at the retreat in the Byron Bay hinterland. When you’re built like Shrek and are fairly uncoordinated it’s not the most pleasant of activities, but I definitely think I should do more of it.”

Checking in on check-ups

“I have regular health check-ups, for blood pressure, cholesterol and what not. David Gyngell made me promise to get an angiogram last year, after his health scare, and I go to a dermatologist once a year religiously and encourage my kids to do the same.”

The 5 meals Richard Wilkins can’t reside with out: Fish, San Choy Bow, Peking duck, eggs and Cornflakes.


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