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Melbourne blogger shares the simple step to shredding your roast chicken in 10 seconds

A Melbourne home cook has caused a stir after she shared a way to shred chicken in just one simple step.

Tiffany Krylov shared her cooking hack to her 103k TikTok fans leaving them lining up to buy the gadget that they are calling a “game changer”.

“If you’re like me and have to shred chicken for your dogs because apparently they don’t eat anything else, but you can’t be f***** getting a fork or doing it with your fingers,” she said.

Turning away from camera Tiffany picked up a hand mixer and points to it.

Watch Tiffany shred chicken in seconds above

“I saw a thing that said to do it with this and holy s***.”

Grabbing her handheld mixer, Tiffany pulled her chicken apart in seconds. Credit: tiffanykrylov/TikTok

Turning on the mixer the beaters caught the large strips of chicken shredding them into small bite-size pieces.

“It’s so much easier and there you go – that took me like 10 seconds,” she said.

The blogger captioned the video: “You learn something new everyday.”

Tiffany’s hack was met with astonishment as fans flooded her comments.

“What! Mind blown,” one wrote.

“Total game changer,” another agreed.

“When are you accepting marriage proposals?” one joked.

“TikTok is teaching me so many life skills,” another said.

The video reached over 14k people with everyone in agreeance – this hack is here to stay.

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