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KFC SuperCoach BBL: Last-minute guide to choosing a team for Round 1

This is your KFC SuperCoach BBL get-out-of-jail free card.

If you forgot to enter your KFC SuperCoach team before last night’s first lockout of BBL11, it doesn’t need to be the end of your hopes to win $25k or a baggy green trackie.

You have missed out on the chance to have Sixers and Stars in your Round 1 team — Glenn Maxwell, Josh Philippe and a host of other top scorers are now locked out.

But that still gives you six teams to choose players from – the Heat (who have a Round 1 double), Thunder, Strikers, Renegades, Hurricanes and Scorchers.

If you choose wisely, you can find a silver lining in the disappointment of missing the first lockout.

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Say a popular Sixers or Stars player bombs in the opening round, you will be ahead just by being tardy — what do they say about being fashionably late?

Of course, the flip side is if a popular player from either of those teams goes big, you’re playing catch up from the start.

As the options below show, you can claw those points back in rounds 2 and 4 when the Strikers and Scorchers have the double (the Stars play twice in Round 3).

If you picked the side shown below with a host of Strikers, you will be well ahead of other coaches who are unlikely to have more than five DGW (double game week) players in Round 2.

Save yourself the trouble of choosing between Khan, Siddle, Agar, Weatherald and Garton by simply starting them all!

By doing this, and choosing a few Scorchers, you will also have greater trade flexibility than other teams in the first four rounds too.

So don’t panic. Your KFC SuperCoach BBL season certainly isn’t over.

In fact, you might have given yourself an unexpected edge.


Camera IconA team you could still pick for KFC SuperCoach after missing the Stars v Sixers game. Credit: Supplied
KFC SuperCoach BBL lockout teams
Camera IconAnd another you could enter which is packed full of talent. Credit: Supplied

Even better news for those who take being late to the party to the extreme.

You know, that person who turns up to a dinner party hours after the wicked wings have been devoured?

If that’s you when it comes to KFC SuperCoach, you can still enter a strong team.

And as you can see below, both of these line-ups below should be capable of scoring well in Round 1.

Missing out on the Round 1 double with the Sixers and Heat is going to sting initially, but it doesn’t have to mean your hopes of the glorious baggy green trackie are over.

Choose one of these teams below (or your own mix) — trade wisely and you can make up the points deficit in no time.

That’s the beauty of KFC SuperCoach BBL!

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KFC SuperCoach BBL lockout teams
Camera IconA team you could still pick another missing two KFC SuperCoach lockouts. Credit: Supplied
KFC SuperCoach BBL lockout teams
Camera IconOr you could stack your team with Strikers for Round 2. Credit: Supplied

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