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Japanese etiquette: Do’s and don’ts for travellers in Japan


At the second, all we are able to do is dream a few journey to Japan.

But after we can go, a Melbourne-based TikTokker has some sound recommendation about Japanese etiquette.



Tina Pik, who posts TikToks underneath the deal with hangrybynature, has travelled extensively via Japan and has a list of things to avoid if you want to avoid “judge-y stares” from the locals.

Over 5 movies she explains some frequent pitfalls to keep away from.

Here we go … 

1. When you’re in the grocery store, don’t poke or squeeze the recent produce

“Trust me, the only put out the freshest fruit and veg … just grab and go,” she advises.

2. Do not eat or drink whereas strolling

Unfortunately for us coffee-loving Australians, strolling and consuming espresso counts too. “You will get judge-y stares,” warns Tina.

3. Don’t strive on garments in a retailer and not using a face cowl

This prevents make-up from staining the fabric.

Free face covers are offered once you enter the change rooms. Picture: Hangrybynature / TikTok

4. Don’t barter relating to the value of things

“Don’t haggle … it’s not like other parts of Asia where this is common practice”.

5. Don’t put your bag on a free prepare seat

It’s simply frequent courtesy actually. As Tina says, “that should be a universal thing”.


It’s true. This behaviour is universally annoying. Picture: Hangrybynature / TikTok

6. Don’t stroll right into a becoming room along with your sneakers on

Take them off earlier than getting into to maintain all the pieces clear.

7. Don’t count on everybody to know English

Try to study some Japanese earlier than you go. Tina extremely recommends the app Lingodeer for studying some useful phrases for your travels.

8. Don’t be too enthusiastic with PDAs

Public shows of affection are inclined to make Japanese individuals a little bit uncomfortable, so perhaps reserve it for once you’re behind closed doorways (or once you’re in a love lodge).

9. Don’t discuss on the telephone on public transport

You will, once more, get judge-y stares for ruining the peace.

Leave the phone call for after your train journey. Picture: Hangrybynature / TikTok

Leave the telephone name for after your prepare journey. Picture: Hangrybynature / TikTok

10. Don’t blow your nostril in public

It’s thought of dangerous manners or “just kind of gross” in keeping with Tina. “Sniffle it back in, or go to the bathroom to get those boogers out,” is her recommendation.

11. Don’t place cash straight into cashier’s arms

Put it on the little tray that’s offered.

12. Don’t stand on the unsuitable facet of the escalator

Keep left should you’re not in a rush, in any other case you’ll annoy the individuals making an attempt to overhaul you. 

13. Don’t go away your backpack on inside public transport

Because no person desires a backpack in the face.

14. Don’t go barefoot or put on home slippers into the bathroom

There’s a particular pair of bathroom slippers for that a part of the home.

15. Don’t pull open the taxi door

The doorways open robotically in Japanese taxis. It’s tremendous useful and makes you are feeling such as you’re in a robotic automobile.


The taxi doorways open robotically. It’s tremendous useful when you’ve heaps of procuring and so on. Picture: Hangrybynature / TikTok

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