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Ingenious travel trick ‘to get whole row to yourself’


Getting an entire row to yourself on a long flight in economy is a little like winning the lottery. My friend calls it “poor man’s business class,” and it’s a description that is bang on the money.

But it seems there’s a way of upping your chances of landing this little luxury, if you make a clever choice when booking your seats. You may never be squashed next to a stranger again. Hurrah!



TikTok user Chelsea Dickenson, who posts videos under the handle @cheapholidayexpert, recently flew from London to Greece with her partner. She managed to land an entire row for herself and her fella and explained in the TikTok how she did it.

The first bit of advice? Select row 13, which she says is often avoided as lots of people are superstitious and believe it to be unlucky. 

If that’s not free, choose a row towards the back of the plane, as people tend to gravitate towards the seats at the front.

Then she made sure she selected the window and aisle seat, and left the middle seat free. 

It’s all about leaving that middle seat free. Picture: TikTok

“When selecting your seats, you’re looking for a free row, but book the aisle and the window, leaving the middle seat free in between you,” she says.

“The theory here is that someone is much less likely to book a seat in between two strangers and they’ll opt for another row.”

Luckily for Chelsea her cunning plan paid off and they did indeed have the seat between them vacant, meaning they could spread out. 

“We’ve bloody smashed it. So much space,” she says in the video before the plane takes off.


This actually works!! Row to yourself travel hack 💺✨ #cheaptravel #budgettravel #travelhack #britishairways

♬ original sound – Chelsea Dickenson

The danger here of course is that the flight is fully booked and some stranger does book the seat between you and your travel buddy. But she says it’s not the end of the world if another flyer does book that middle seat – just ask if you can switch seats so you can be next to your companion. 

“Ask them if they’d prefer the aisle or the window … that way it works out for everyone”.

TikTok is becoming a wealth of travel hacks for flying. Earlier this year another TikTok user shared their sneaky trick for smuggling an extra bag onto a flight. 

TikTok user @miniadvantures aka Ashlin posted a video of herself hiding a drawstring bag under her sweatshirt to fake a pregnant belly in order to avoid paying a fee for too many carry-ons.

Ashlin wrote on the video, “When you get a $44 flight but can only bring a backpack.”


My parents raised me better than this👀 #ballinonabudget #nobodysgonnaknow #traveltips #cheaptravel #traveltiktok #shhh

♬ how would they know bad girls club – Chris Gleason

She then shows herself boarding the flight, writing, “It worked.”

In a follow-up video, the TikToker informs viewers that her illusion worked so well, she was able to pre-board the flight as a “pregnant” person.

The original video has gathered 13.2 million views and 2.7 million likes.


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