Indonesian mum Yuni Shara watches PornHub with her teenage sons to ‘educate’ them about sex

An Indonesian popstar mum has made a startling admission – she watches PornHub with her two teenage sons as a result of she thinks it helps “educate” them about sex.

Yuni Shara, 49, has 4.8 million followers on Instagram.

She commonly posts photos of her glamorous life and her two sons, Cavin and Cello.

But her admission that she watches porn with her sons has prompted some to name her actions “f***ing creepy.”

Shara made the admission in a YouTube video, saying she didn’t need to be an “old-fashioned” mom, The Sun reports.

“So, I think it’s better if I ask them, ‘What do you guys think about watching (porn) together like this, is it cool?’,” she instructed an interviewer.

Indonesian pop star Yuni Shara says she watched PornHub with her teenage sons.
Indonesian pop star Yuni Shara says she watched PornHub with her teenage sons. Credit: Instagram/Yunishara36

“They’ll be like, ‘Mom, don’t be like this.’ My children happen to be open-minded.

“It’s impossible for our children nowadays to not watch porn, whether it’s anime or any other kind that are available nowadays.”

A psychologist instructed Indonesian outlet Antara that there was nothing incorrect with children watching porn, so long as they knew real-life sex typically was not the identical as what they watch in X-rated content material.

Yuni says her sons are open-minded.
Yuni says her sons are open-minded. Credit: Instagram/Yunishara36

“When we see the kids watching pornographic movies, no matter how uncomfortable the situation is, we should never be angry, because they will only do it again in secret,” Agstried Piether mentioned.

“Through these discussions, parents can provide factual sex education based on their knowledge, and not based on porn films.”

Not everybody agreed with Shara’s strategy, nonetheless.

“Some journeys must be travelled alone,” one individual commented on social media.

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