Home and Away RECAP: Justin becomes number one suspect after evidence found in his car

Jasmine can’t be the one one affected by amnesia as a result of it’s enterprise as ordinary in the picturesque Summer Bay, and all of the whereas Susie’s assassin, in all probability Stephen Something, continues to be on the free.

Justin picks up his car.

Admittedly I didn’t watch the episode when he handed out in his car, however I assume there was some type of harm and it’s already been fastened although he has the one storage in city and he definitely hasn’t been at work.

Anyway, he’s driving alongside when the brand new cops, “hot cop” and badass Detective Amy Peters pull him over and need to search his automobile as they consider it “contains evidence that pertains” to the investigation.

Won’t be so smug soon.
Camera IconWon’t be so smug quickly. Credit: Channel 7

Anyone that may slip the phrase “pertains” right into a sentence so casually wins my vote and I instantly love the badass detective.

Amy digs round for “goodies” earlier than she holds up a smashed iPhone retrieved from the passenger aspect of Justin’s car.

“I’ve never seen that phone before in my life,” Justin says.

The new cops inform us the cellphone belonged to Susie and they’ve primed us to consider that is true as a result of they’ve some high-tech app, precisely like discover my iPhone exempt it really works when the battery has run out which is an absolute game-changer and we must always rally round so it’s out there to lifeless individuals and most people.

Now I do know this can be a present, so inevitably there can be flaws, and there are various, however I distinctly recall that Susie drove over her cellphone in her little convertible simply exterior Summer Bay with the intension of destroying it someday earlier than Stephen Something strolled into city with his thick head of hair.

How are we speculated to consider that Stephen Something miraculously found the cellphone and planted it in Justin’s car?

Unless Stephen Something is in cahoots with Susie, even perhaps a lover as he has prompt, who had a falling out with Susie after she left the bay and then he killed her and is framing Justin so he may be with Leah?

Justin is taken all the way down to the station for questioning and shakes his head in disbelief.

“I’m being set up,” Justin says.

Amy the badass detective wastes no time winding Justin up.

“Do those pain killers help numb your guilt Justin?” Amy says.

What can I say, I like a villain.
Camera IconWhat can I say, I like a villain. Credit: Channel 7

This clearly isn’t her first rodeo, and inside minutes Justin is clearly distressed, significantly sweaty and collapses. It’s all very dramatic.

Cash the “hot cop” nonetheless isn’t’ happy with Amy’s dangerous cop method given it was unethical and “Justin was not of sound mind”. I’m unsure Justin is ever of sound thoughts although.

But Amy will “run it (the investigation) how I see fit”.

Next is Keiran who I might care much less about however I’ll be good and give him the time of day as a result of he has the audacity to waddle his sober self over to the gymnasium and ask for his job again.

The ego on this guy.
Camera IconThe ego on this man. Credit: Jeremy Grieve

This man’s ego by no means ceases to amaze me.

“Yeah there might actually be an opportunity coming up soon,” Tane says, unawares that Keiran “attacked Alf, he kidnapped his own mother” as city gossip John put it.

While Tane will get a little bit of background on Kieran as a result of Jas doesn’t appear to have something to do with the gymnasium in the meanwhile, plus she will be able to’t keep in mind something anyway, Kieran waxes lyrical about how unbelievable he’s to Roo.

“There’s keen and there’s desperate,” Roo says. She’s a trainer so it’s in her nature to care however why is she taking this drop-kick beneath her wing?

“It’s not like a did a bad job until …” Kieran pauses earlier than moments later saying that Tane’s not “going to say no to me”.

It’s no shock that Tane doesn’t give Kieran the gymnasium job.

In different information Ziggy has not forgiven Mac for her current behaviour together with cracking onto Tane amongst different issues.

She had it coming.
Camera IconShe had it coming. Credit: Channel 7

“You are not nothing but a toxic self absorbed selfish brat who doesn’t care about anyone but themselves,” yeah you inform ‘em Zig.

They’ll be buddies once more in no time.
Camera IconThey’ll be buddies once more in no time. Credit: Channel 7

“Right…” Dean says when he finds out.

Which is code for he’s going to get entangled as a result of he loves being righteous.

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