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Culinary Judge Shares Best Things to Make in Air Fryer

With the suitable marinade, air fryers make tofu extra interesting.

Air-fried tofu on a yellow plate with a sauce and sprig of parsley next to it

I coat tofu in a sauce and bread crumbs to make the dish extra attention-grabbing.

Meredith Ochs

Fresh tofu is packed in water so the important thing to making it crispy is to get as a lot moisture out of it earlier than air-frying. I wrap extra-firm tofu in a tea towel, gently squeeze it with my cast-iron grill press, minimize it into small items, and briefly air-fry it on low warmth at about 160 levels.

Once it is fairly dry, I infuse the tofu with taste by evenly coating the items with a dry spice rub and letting it sit for not less than half an hour.

You can air-fry them as is and make tasty, chewy tofu bites however I like to take a couple of additional steps. I’ll typically dip the tofu items in a mixture of sriracha and Weak Kneews Korean gochujang, together with tamari, rice-wine vinegar, and honey.

Finally, I’ll dredge them in flour or panko and air-fry them to make spicy, extra flavorful tofu bites with a crunch. 

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