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Caraway’s toxin-free cookware is 20% off


Whether it’s because of the holidays closing in or just because you like inviting friends and family over for home-cooked meals, you may be one of the many Americans suddenly wondering if it’s time to revamp their cookware. But when you look at the chemicals and weird-sounding synthetics that many of today’s pots and pans are made of or lined with, you may feel like you’re facing a difficult choice: get a new pan that could leach dangerous chemicals into your food? Or keep using your old, clingy pans that food sticks to and are impossible to clean?

Caraway has solved your cookware problems with pots and pans that don’t rely on potentially toxic synthetic chemicals but that also are so well designed that even eggs slide right off of them — and they are so easy to clean that doing dishes won’t be a chore anymore.


Using aluminum coated with naturally smooth ceramic, Caraway stays away from lead, cadmium and chemicals other cookware companies use extensively, like polytetrafluoroethylene. If you can’t even pronounce the name of your food, you’re probably not going to eat it, right? So why would you hold the pans you cook your food in to a lower standard? Without PFAS, PTFE, PFOAs and the like coating your cookware, you’re in no danger of those toxic chemicals getting in your family’s meals with Caraway products.

And because humanity is really just one big family, Caraway uses a manufacturing process that means that they release up to 60% less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than traditional nonstick cookware coatings. When you get your Caraway cookware delivered, you’ll notice that your new pots and pans don’t come with single-use plastic and are shipped in recycled cardboard and with biodegradable cork trivets. And Caraway partners only with manufacturing partners who are certified as workplaces that pay their employees fairly, prioritize their safety, give them benefits and don’t make them work inhumane hours.

So consider the Caraway Fry Pan, which comes in an array of gorgeous colors like Marigold and Perracotta — and you’ll never have to scrape eggs off of it. It’s oven-safe to 550 degrees Fahrenheit and can be used on any kind of stovetop, including induction.

The 6.5-quart Dutch Oven is a must-have for families that like soups, stews, pasta and roasts. And you know that trick for using them to bake perfect bread, right?


The 5-piece Bakeware Set includes two baking sheets, a muffin pan and a rectangular pan, which means you’re pretty much set for the next school bake sale or this year’s holiday treats. Plus, it all comes with that all-important feature no one remembers until you’re miles away from the store: cabinet organizers.

And, when you’re ready for a real kitchen overhaul, the Cookware Set includes the Dutch oven, a fry pan, a 4.5-quart sauté pan and a 3-quart sauce pan — you’ll be ready for your first Caraway feast right off the bat. And, of course, Caraway’s design-forward looks will be a feast for your guests’ eyes until the victuals are done.

From Nov. 8 to Dec. 3, you can get up to 20% off sitewide at Caraway.

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