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Bunnings Warehouse shopper shares lashes out in new TikTok video at ‘f***wits’ after spotting infuriating carpark sight

A shopper has lashed out at another motorist after spotting an infuriating sight at a Bunnings carpark.

Sharing on TikTok, the Bunnings customer said she was annoyed to see that the driver had taken up two “cars with trailer” parking bays at her local store.

Watch the driver’s frustrating Bunnings carpark act above

Footage of the large vehicle shows that it was parked across two of the car spots – even though it could easily fit in one.

And in a frustrating twist, the car in question didn’t even have a trailer attached to it.

The TikTok user was angry to see that the car had taken up two ‘cars wit trailers’ parking bays. Credit: ameliajane.21/TikTok

“How to tell if you’re a f***wit,” said user @ameliajane.21 in the TikTok video, which was titled “F***wits of Bunnings”.

“You take up two trailer bays … and don’t even have a f***ing trailer.”

The TikTok user described the driver as a ‘f***wit of Bunnings’.
The TikTok user described the driver as a ‘f***wit of Bunnings’. Credit: ameliajane.21/TikTok

Other TikTok users were just as riled up by the sight.

“Some p****s just don’t give a s*** do they?” said one.

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