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Brooklinen launched flannel sheets just in time for winter — we put them to the test | CNN

There’s nothing like a warm, cozy bed, especially as the weather turns chilly around many parts of the world, and Underscored tested a lot of bedding options, including comforting flannel sheet sets. But now direct-to-consumer bedding power brand Brooklinen has just launched its own take on flannel sheets with its Brushed Flannel line in time for cooler weather. Obviously, we had to try them out for ourselves to discover how they stand up to Brooklinen’s other top-notch sleep offerings.

As with its other sheets, Brooklinen’s Brushed Flannel Sheets come in two different sets to suit your needs. The Flannel Core Set includes the basics: a fitted sheet, a flat sheet and two pillowcases. The Flannel Hardcore Bundle includes everything in the Flannel Core Set, plus a duvet cover and two additional pillowcases. You can also purchase the duvet cover and pillowcases as stand-alone items.

The sheets are available in a few cozy patterns and hues: a neutral gradient plaid, blue buffalo plaid, gray buffalo plaid, blue grid pattern, gray windowpane pattern and classic cream and white stripe.

Flannel sheets in blue buffalo plaid

Tanya Edwards

Brooklinen Brushed Flannel

The flannel is Oeko-Tex certified to a standard of 100, which means it’s tested in a third-party lab, assured to be free of 300 harmful substances and meet strict standards, such as having a minimum of 70% organic fibers.

At $170.10 for a queen set (normally $189, but they’re on sale for a limited time), this set runs a little pricey, but about in the middle price range compared to other sets we’ve tested. Also, the brand touts its latest flannel release as a less expensive alternative to its popular, luxury Heathered Cashmere Core Sheet Set, which starts at $279 — over $100 more than the Brushed Flannel.

Brooklinen sent us a Flannel Core Sheet Set in the jaunty blue buffalo plaid to test ahead of the flannel sheet set launch. The blue plaid is a large print, almost an outsized gingham look, in a shade that’s somewhere near lapis or cobalt, mixed with an off-white — very country chic. Everything felt soft right out of the box, and I checked the interior seams — double stitched! — on the pillowcases and fitted sheet, and the construction seemed solid.

The card with the set promised the sheets would get softer with each wash, which of course I’m all about. I popped them in the wash right away, and one big thing that stood out was the amount of fuzz that showed up in the lint filter. I pulled about two handfuls out, which seemed like a lot and had me wondering if they would feel like they’d lost some substance.

Fuzz from flannel sheets

Tanya Edwards

Brooklinen Brushed Flannel

I gave the fitted sheet a big shake as I made up my bed and it still felt weighty in my hands. It slipped perfectly over my Casper Wave Hybrid Snow Mattress, and the elastic hugged the corners without any weird bagging or wrinkles. The top sheet and pillowcases were also still soft, cozy and easy to get on the bed. Running my hand over the covered pillow, I was pleasantly surprised at how soft yet light the 100% cotton flannel felt. I didn’t experience any pilling; they felt of substantial quality and durability, like bedding I’d happily take out of storage at the first sign of a crisp autumn chill.

The real test came in the evening, of course. I live on the coast in New England, so the weather has been cooling off, but is also pretty humid, which can make a brisk evening feel sticky. The Brooklinen flannel set was warm and cozy, providing a comfortable, restful night of sleep without any overheating. They felt lighter than some brands we’ve tried, almost smooth, and they didn’t stick or feel uncomfortable on a breezy, humid night in the mid-60s. That said, the next night was much cooler, and while they didn’t make me feel weighed down with warmth, I was definitely warm and cozy under the covers.

With winter not fully here yet, I’m glad to have the Brooklinen Brushed Flannel at hand, and between the reasonable price and the sheet set’s ability to stand up to washing without pilling or losing softness, we’d recommend picking up a set before the chill truly hits.

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