Big Brother’s TOP 3 revealed: Christina, Marley and SJ representing minority groups on national stage

A migrant, an individual of color and the oldest Big Brother contestant within the franchise’s historical past.

The social experiment has come to a head with a prime three that displays Australia’s melting pot, Christina Podolyan, Marley Biyendolo and Sarah Jane Adams every representing a minority group within the sport as they stand on the national stage on the stay finale tomorrow evening.

Biyendolo, a 26-year-old school basketball star turned incapacity assist employee took out the ultimate bodily problem for the 2021 season in tonight’s penultimate episode , securing himself a one in three probability of taking dwelling $250,000.

Marley believes his late mother guided him throughout the game.
Camera IconMarley believes his late mom guided him all through the sport. Credit: NIGEL WRIGHT

“Being a person of colour…and being somewhere like Australia, you don’t see a lot of people that look like how I look,” Biyendolo instructed Perth Now.

“I would love to take this whole thing out to represent people of colour, especially with everything going on in the world right now. It would be huge, a huge stand point and I want to create that feeling of hope.”

But Biyendolo initially utilized for the Seven actuality present so he might take out the money prize and take care of his widowed father, a promise he made to his late mom.

“I could feel her with me, there was no possible way it could have turned out that way without her,” he shared.

“This amount of money is money that I have never seen in my lifetime, it’s money I don’t even think my dad could picture having… if Australia does feel that I am deserving, I feel like I would just take care of my dad… pay off the house, I want us to take care of our family in Africa, just take care of us that’s the first thing I would do.”

Standing by his aspect is jewelry mogul SJ Adams — who considers Biyendolo her personal son.

“When Marley came into the house, I had just walked out of an eviction ceremony (having been nominated) and he looks into my eyes and I look into his, I said, ‘oh my gosh, you are here to save me,’ he pretty much then started to talk about his mum and he said, ‘you are here for me, I know my mum has sent you to be my mum in this house’,” Adams mentioned.

It’s a connection the 66-year-old plans to honour if she turns into the oldest Big Brother victor in historical past tonight.

SJ is the oldest contestant in the 2021 season at 66 years of age.
Camera IconSJ is the oldest contestant within the 2021 season at 66 years of age. Credit: NIGEL WRIGHT

“I don’t even think I have told this to Marley, if I am to win I will be looking out for him, I pledge that I would certainly give some (of the money) to Marley,” she revealed.

“There is one other person in the game who I had hoped and think deserved to get to the finale, I have said to myself and I have told that person… I would be giving them some money if I was to win.”

Who wins? you resolve. Voting is open and the stay finale kicks off on Seven from 7:30PM Tuesday evening.

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