10 Anime Characters Who Fit The Cancer Astrological Sign

The world of Japanese anime is populated with hundreds of characters of all types, and anime followers can categorize these characters in all kinds of the way, from their MBTI character sort to their Dungeons & Dragons alignment to their astrological indicators. Some anime characters are the proper embodiment of their astrological signal, whereas others merely aren’t.

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A unique method will be taken on the subject of horoscopes and anime characters. As an alternative of evaluating a personality primarily based on their precise astrological signal and date of beginning, anime followers can describe a personality by the signal they match, no matter their date of beginning. This methodology additionally works effectively on characters who don’t have any clear date of beginning. Now, which anime characters are finest described with Cancer, one of many three water indicators?

10 Tohru Honda Cares Deeply For Others (Fruits Basket)

tohru honda happy

Cancer the crab, as a water signal, describes people who find themselves deeply attuned to mystic energies and the feelings of others. Cancers have a robust choice for household, a snug house and being a bit withdrawn for the sake of consolation. They’re like crabs who cover of their shells to keep away from a turbulent world.

Tohru Honda, the shojo heroine of Fruits Basket, is a high quality Cancer, a deeply empathetic lady who will drop the whole lot to assist one other particular person with their issues and emotional misery. She can be an excellent prepare dinner and might make any home really feel like a real house.

9 Izumi Miyamura Is Welcome In Any Dwelling (Horimiya)

izumi miyamura horimiya

Izumi Miyamura is a secretly “edgy” child who might look like a punk or a loser, but he’s something however that. He might look gloomy in school and like a troublemaker within the streets, however underneath the floor, Izumi is a carefree and cheerful fellow who could make anybody really feel relaxed.

Izumi is simple to love, and he can seamlessly combine into any family and make everybody really feel like household over again, like a real Cancer. He is additionally an honest prepare dinner and is aware of easy methods to bake truffles, since his household runs a bakery. His girlfriend, Kyoko Hori, is all the time in for a deal with.

8 Hitohito Tadano Is Deeply Attuned To The Wants Of Others (Komi Cannot Talk)


Hitohito Tadano is a serious character in Komi Cannot Talk, a wonderfully unusual highschool boy who by no means actually stands out. He isn’t a geek, a nerd, a jock, a punk or a lot of something. However that is truly his biggest power, since that enables him to give attention to the wants of others as a substitute.

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Cancers are extremely attuned to the wants and ideas of others, and Hitohito is so intently attuned to different folks, it is borderline telepathic, particularly on the subject of his shy new buddy, Shoko Komi. Hitohito can be a high quality host for his mates at house, similar to a bonafide Cancer.

7 Futaro Uesugi Is A Nice Tutor (The Quintessential Quintuplets)

futaro uesugi quintessential quintuplets

Futaro Uesugi may very well be described with a couple of of the astrological indicators, and he might need some parts of Libra and Leo in him. However he could also be finest described as a Cancer, an empathetic and selfless boy who will be comforting to anybody who wants him.

Futaro is the appointed tutor of the 5 Nakano sisters, and Futaro’s Cancer facet exhibits when he will get to know the women higher and supply them with a serving to hand whereas doing his finest to grasp their emotional state. He’s additionally a comforting and soothing presence at house, and his little sister Raiha actually appears as much as him.

6 Megumi Tadokoro Loves Dwelling-Model Cooking (Meals Wars!)

Megumi, Food Wars

Megumi Tadokoro is a high quality Cancer, a shy however gifted lady who enrolled on the Totsuki culinary college to increase her expertise and understand her potential. Megumi’s Cancer facet is usually expressed by way of her home-style cooking, and he or she realized the methods of conventional Japanese hospitality from her mom.

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Such an emphasis on house comforts could be very a lot Cancer’s area, and it helps that Megumi is an emotionally delicate and selfless one that places others first. She’s relatively timid and withdrawn, as Cancers would possibly generally be, however she will additionally kind robust friendships over time.

5 Ryuji Takasu Has Severe Home Expertise (Toradora!)

ryuji toradora

Based mostly on his stern and scary eyes, most individuals assume Ryuji Takasu is a tough-talking punk, and so they maintain their distance from him. However like Izumi Miyamura, Ryuji is definitely a cuddly Cancer crab on the within, and his family and friends all love him for it. He is straightforward to get together with.

Ryuji lives together with his busy single mom, and it typically falls on him to run the family and supply all meals, which is rather like a real Cancer. He’s additionally form and selfless, being pretty attuned to the wants of others.

4 Mr. Yoshimura Runs A Cozy Café & Is Sympathetic To Ken (Tokyo Ghoul)

anteiku yoshimura tokyo ghoul

At first, Tokyo Ghoul looks as if an odd collection to have a heat and pleasant Cancer character, however most anime collection have a minimum of one. On this case, the Cancer is Mr. Yoshimura, an aged ghoul who runs a café named Anteiku. He is like a doting uncle or grandfather to most of Anteiku’s workers, most of whom he hires personally.

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Mr. Yoshimura’s café is a impartial floor for people and ghouls, and this heat, welcoming setting marks Mr. Yoshimura as an exemplary Cancer. What’s extra, Mr. Yoshimura is very sympathetic to the troubled younger ghouls he hires, together with Ken Kaneki. Early on, he was Ken’s lifeline.

3 Trisha Elric Is A Soothing Cancer (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

Trisha Elric Smiling

Trisha Elric is an unambitious and nurturing girl who took pleasure in her two sons and her husband, and taking pleasure of their accomplishments is sufficient to give her a satisfying life. Trisha Elric might not have alchemy or the thoughts of a scientist, however she does have a delicate and clever coronary heart, and that is simply what Van Hohenheim wanted in a associate.

Trisha wanted only a few phrases to grasp Hohenheim’s misery and cheer him up, which lowered him to completely satisfied tears. She additionally ran a good family and cherished her sons, and that is why she was missed so deeply when she died of an sickness.

2 Princess Shuna Loves The Peaceable Life (That Time I Received Reincarnated As A Slime)

princess shuna slime

Princess Shuna is likely one of the six surviving ogres, and whereas she will combat with holy magic, she’d relatively have her brother Benimaru do the actual combating to defend Rimuru Metropolis. Shuna prefers peaceable pursuits comparable to weaving, internet hosting formal events and giving Rimuru fancy new outfits to put on.

Shuna is a comforting and heat particular person to know, and she will prepare dinner high quality meals and make any home really feel like a house, even for numerous species comparable to goblins, orcs, dire wolves and lizard-men. She can be a mild and selfless one that can simply sympathize with anybody who’s in misery.

1 Mirajane Strauss Is Comforting However Typically Pinches (Fairy Tail)

Mirajane, fairy tail

Mirajane Strauss is considered one of Fairy Tail’s strongest wizards, however she not often boasts about that. In reality, Mirajane is happiest when there is no such thing as a combating in any respect, and he or she often volunteers as a barmaid and waitress within the guildhall. She enjoys serving others on this capability, and such hospitality marks her as a Cancer.

Mirajane can be a comforting and empathetic particular person, and he or she is fast to assist anybody who wants a couple of form phrases from an enormous sister sort like her, together with Lucy. Cancers are additionally recognized to generally “pinch” individuals who annoy or antagonize them, although, and Mirajane is not afraid to make use of the rod if persons are getting unruly.

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